GET PrEP informative campaign

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GET PrEP informative campaign
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Where can I get PrEP in Georgia?

Today, implementing PrEP in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia is complicated due to extremely high levels of stigma and discrimination, as well as to legal mechanisms. For example, in some countries, no official statements about PrEP for HIV have been registered, and there is no legislative basis for prescribing PrEP.

Full-fledged projects to introduce pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV among MSM and trans people have been implemented in Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova. In Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, the public healthcare systems are taking the first steps towards launching PrEP pilot projects only this year. The remaining countries of the region are less active in implementing PrEP, and have not found sources of funding even for small-scale projects.

At the end of 2017, research began with the involvement of 100 men who have sex with men. This is a joint program of the Georgian Research Center for Infectious Diseases and the LGBT NGO “Equality Movement”.
NGO “Equality Movement”
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